♥ RCTC on Vision vs Hearing Results… and more ♥

I could have Totally Done this Earlier

RESULTS and How I did the Experiment

               At first, I was going to get 100 people to do the survey but I just did 50, all students. I counted up the surveys and made the calculations and my predictions were mostly wrong for the first part. Let us get into it anyway, here are the questions again.

1. Would you rather watch your favorite shows with only subtitles (no audio and no music) or listen to music (no shows)?

2. Would you rather need to use glasses or need to use hearing aids?

3. Would you rather lose your Sense of Vision or lose your Sense of Hearing?

            For the first question, 84% of students said that they said they would prefer watching heir favorite shows with no audio over music. I honestly was shook. I thought people appreciated music more than I thought, but I guess not. I think there must be some really good shows on Netflix right now because otherwise, these kiddos are crazy.

                  Second Question – This one was no surprise. Everyone said they would rather use glasses than hearing aids, I explained and predicted why in my last post why these were going to be the results and I was right, so click here to read my last post.

                     72% of people said they would rather lose their ability to hear than their ability to see, for the last question. I would ask them why they answered this and all they would mostly say is “because then I can’t see.” All I could do is shake my head inside my mind. lol.

Why I Procrastinate

               I don’t really know why… I can’t help it. I always say there is time, and there usually is but then I keep setting it off. I think I’m getting rid of that habit on New Year, or I’ll start it as soon as I can which is probably a good idea.

It’s 12:03 A.M.

                     I mean I was doing a lot of things and I was busy today but I think I don’t really manage my time wisely on weekends because I don’t make schedules for them. But, throughout the week I make a schedule for every day and It helps. I started doing that like 3 weeks ago and I also started working out too. I have also gained respect for bodybuilders.


                     This final was fun and made me really use my own ideas. I hope other teachers use this method of teaching also because it does keep ost students interested. That’s all bros… Thanks, yeet, cya and… BYE

♥ RCTC on our Sense of Vision and Hearing… and other funky stuff ♥

Bout to knock the Hell out of this Post (10:35 P.M.)

Questions of the Week and Predictions

               Sorry, I’m rushing these posts but I got to finish them. I didn’t even get the chance to make my predictions in graph form… Oh well… 

1. Would you rather watch your favorite shows with only subtitles (no audio and no music) or listen to music (no shows)?

2. Would you rather need to use glasses or need to use hearing aids?

3. Would you rather lose your Sense of Vision or lose your Sense of Hearing?

                 For the first question, I predicted that 60% would say that they would rather watch the shows and 40% would listen to music… I don’t really have a clear reason but it feels correct.

                The second question- I think 95% will say they would rather use glasses than hearing aids because people think wearing glasses is more fashionable, people also wear glasses for fun so that adds on to my reasoning.

                 The last question- I think that the outcome will be that 80% would rather keep their sense of vision, because of how dominant the sense is and from what I read… If you want to know what I read, read my last post.

Reaching Word Counts

                    I think that I have improved drastically in my ability to type a lot. The trick or tricks is talking about what you like. Also, putting down every idea you have about the topic and talking about the importance of that idea.

Why I think English and Reading are the most Difficult Subjects

                 I’ve never gotten a 100% on an essay, I don’t know what it takes to satisfy the teacher. I also think that once a teacher grades one paper, she changes her method of grading paper. I always think I do good then I get hit with a B or a 90% if I’m lucky. In my reading 0900 class, I am supposed to get a 100% on the rest of my assignments and tests and I only have three things left and that is two finals and an essay. I feel like I’ll do good in my finals but my paper… no. I mean I did my best but usually, that isn’t enough. For math, you just have to learn and apply formulas, and boom you get an A.

That’s all I have for this post read my next one to see the results and other randoms tings.

♥ Last week of Final Posts / Weekly Survey ♥

More Posts???

            Honestly, I thought I didn’t have to post anymore. Everyone was talking about how we didn’t have to post anymore on our blogs. “Yeah, we don’t have to post anymore, just check your email,” said Olivia (who has an A in the class). Also, Deli (who also has an A in the class) was telling me also that I didn’t have to post. Until I asked and realized she (Bonnie) emailed the people that had secured the A in the class… I have a B. A low B. so obviously I have to post three posts for this week. You guys know the genre of my blog is reporting and I honestly didn’t want to go around asking people to fill out a survey for me when I told them the week before tour blog week that it was my last week of surveying people. Also, I thought it would make sense to have the last week to be the tour blogs but I guess not. I know I have so many grammar mistakes but oh well I only have two hours left and counting. Anyway, for my ACTUAL last week of posts, I’m going to do what I want and post anything that pops into my head.

Survey of the Week – Development of the Question

                 This weeks question was inspired of me thinking how much I appreciate my sense of hearing. I appreciate all my senses, extremely, but the ability to hear is amazing. I get to listen and enjoy music, I get to hear others people ideas and opinions, I get to hear people’s tone to understand they’re point-of-view giving me the ability to create my judgment of them, I get to understand if I’m playing things on my instruments correctly or incorrectly, and so much more. I was reading that we use our sense of vision the most, I think it makes sense and I would also agree. Let me quote these kiddos, alright so I got this from the website Zeiss (click here to see the website) it reads “Humans have five senses: the eyes to see, the tongue to taste, the nose to smell, the ears to hear, and the skin to touch. By far the most important organs of sense are our eyes. We perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our sight. And if other senses such as taste or smell stop working, it’s the eyes that best protect us from danger.” I know that I’m not supposed to be using that big of a quote but… I don’t care. I gave you my source so be happy. I also think that I create most of my judgment from what I see (which is a safe thing to do (when I do it, not you that’s reading this) because I’d say that I’m really good at reading people because I’m usually correct) and it makes me understand how I’m supposed to react or act or respond. So yea… I’ll tell you the questions I formulated in the next post.

the time now is 10:23 of the 12th of December. wordpress is going to post it as if I posted it tomorrow, I don’t know why but I’m thinking because it’s already the next day in other places of the world. See you in my next post in a few Minutes.

My Final Post…

My Flow of Thoughts On What I Learned

               Although I didn’t have many viewers or followers I still enjoyed my experience by doing this final and I also enjoyed being in English 1117, and 0960. In this post, I’ll be talking about my experiences and things I enjoyed and learned in English 0960 and 1117. I also might add random things that might just pop up in my head while typing this. So, let’s get into it.


               While doing this final I got to know many people… well I know their faces and they know my name. I usually forget the people’s names that I meet because I gave out about 300 surveys over this final. I also learned I can actually reach word counts when I want to talk about something that I like or I’m interested in. It came somewhat easy creating questions for the week and I also got used to approaching random people and meeting them. I also liked using my own tone in these posts to make it seem more like me I guess instead of following exact formats and patterns and fonts and other things that don’t really strike me as interesting. So, I’m thankful for completing this final.

English 0960 and 1117

               For the first day of English I was a bit nervous, to be honest, not because of the other students it was mostly because of all the college stories I have heard about being in class are and how fast-paced class would be, but then meeting Bonnie or Mrs. Robinson I prefer ( I feel worse when I say a teacher’s first name instead of using their last name with the word Mrs in front of it) made me feel a bit better (also because she is Mr. Robinsons wife). Her class was not easy for me, but I didn’t expect it to be anyway because it is a college class after all. Yet, she helped us when we wanted to be helped and made all her lessons clear and understandable in any topic she taught.

               She taught us about citing sources, MLA format taking notes and making summaries but most importantly for me was that she taught me to be more responsible and dependent on my assignments. At the beginning of the semester, I would always make myself believe that I needed help or that I needed to work with somebody else to complete my assignments. With all the work that she would assign, I learned and actually made me believe I could do better all by myself. I also thought at the beginning of the semester that I completely sucked at English and reading but I also grew to know that I was not actually that bad. I’m gonna leave it at that… I’m not that bad… I mean I can still improve but I improved a lot and I mean a LOT. So, I’m grateful for being in Mrs.Robinson’s classes.

               That was it for this post and whoever finds my blog thanks for reading it. Thanks, yeet, cya, bye… psych (it ain’t my last post.).

Juan’s Blog… My Informative Thoughts

               Welcome back to my second post of today… and I’ll be doing the same as last post. A Blog Tour. On this post, I will be going over his blog and what I think it is about without trying to put my criticalness and opinion. After I will read one of his posts and I’ll just try to relate it to myself and say my own or experiences (depending what it’s on). So click here to go to his blog and click over here to see the post that I read and that I will briefly talk about. That being… let’s get right into it.

                My buddy boy here, Juan, seems to have a lifestyle blog more closely related to fitness and weight training. He also seems to be using a simple template theme for his cite, with his most recent post being towards the top and the older one towards the bottom. There also isn’t much color on his blog and he also uses the standards fonts. He also doesn’t really seem to use any pictures. For his posts, he mostly has an average of 350 words and seems to post 2-3 posts a week. That’s mostly what I found… NEXT.

                 I read the “Do you need Supplements to Workout?” post. I just want to say something… I think that it’s quite the coincidence that I had to tour a blog that is about fitness and one with a religious genre. I thought it was weird because like a month ago I started going to this bible group and also I started to work out like 15 days ago. So, I guess it’s good for me to tour these blogs because I have a lot to learn. Anyway, in this post, he reads another dude’s blog and he just says what he learned and what he concurs with and he voices (or types) his own opinions. The point or main ideas he goes over are; “should I take pre-workouts?”(Juan), “Do I need protein supplement?”(Juan) and that’s pretty much it.

               When he talks about whether needing pre-workouts he just states that “If you are under 18 years old, I strongly believe you SHOULD NOT drink pre-workout” and I personally don’t use it (but who knows in the future I might) but he just says we should do a bit of research if it is the right thing for us (being me).

               The second main thing he talks about needing a protein suppplement. I know that I need it because I weigh like a feather (but that doesn’t matter right now. LOL.) and he says (for me) it would be a good thing for me to use but I have to use the correct one. I use protein powder. But I guess after reading this post I am going to have to make sure that I am using the correct one so that I can have the results that I want because he says “If wanting to gain weight than a mass gainer is your best option” (Juan) and my point is… I’ll have to look into it.

Well, that’s it for this post guys and thank you again for wasting your time and making it to the end of this post. That all I got for you guys so… Thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

Mary Joy’s Blog… My Informative Thoughts

               What up guys and welcome back to my last week of posts. On today’s post, we will be talking about a blog that I have to review. First I’ll give a descriptive paragraph on her blog then I’ll read one of the put my thoughts (not opinion) on one of the posts that I read. Anyway, click here to go to her blog and click over here to see the one I read. Also, sorry that this week you guys don’t get an experiment or a survey, but… there is not “but” and sorry not sorry.

               I’m reviewing a blog from a student that is in a different class. Her name is Mary Joy I’m assuming and if it’s not… that would be weird. She has a religious genre I would say for her blog. Most of her posts cite to the bible and while she interprets them for us so she can explain a moral lesson that we could learn or that she has learned from self-experiences. For her format and fonts she uses a pretty standard one, with her most recent posts at the top and as you scroll down you’ll find older blog posts. She uses a pretty standard default-ish theme. She has no pictures besides the one in some of her posts (which is pretty dry if you ask me (but that don’t matter)). That’s pretty much it, from what I saw.

                I read her Thanksgiving post I’m pretty sure. In this post, she talked about how she’s thankful for her parent, friends, relatives, and life. At the same time, she cited to the bible to make some connections. I thought she was well spoken (or typed) and I’ve heard that Bible verse she cited to (Proverbs 22:6)  in her first paragraph on who she is thankful for, her mom. I would also agree that my mom is my biggest supporter. The next group that she is thankful for are her friends. I read the paragraph for that one and…



but that’s also probably the reason I don’t have friends. I guess my neighbors are my friends so I think that counts. So I’m thankful for my neighbors. She says in her next paragraph that she is thankful for her relatives but she doesn’t know them too well because they live around the globe which is pretty cool. I don’t really talk to my relatives for a reason… but that a whole other post. The next group that she is thankful for is life, and I totally agree with her in this one. I think the best gift I’m thankful for is being alive and that I can live to see another day so I could work towards my goals and also seeing my classmates, teachers, family, and just strangers (just kidding for the strangers part (stranger danger)). I guess this also counts as my Thanksgiving post because I didn’t post one. So yea… NEXT.

Thank You for reading and wasting your time on this post and that’s all I got for you. So… thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

♠ RCTC on Friends and Besties, Results ♠

Last Week of Doing Experiments was this week…

you read that right, sorry I didn’t tell you guys in advance. There aren’t many of your guys so sorry, not sorry, ya yeetAnyways, let’s get down to this post and see what’s up.


Welcome Back Kiddos…

and strap yourself in for one of my other boring posts. I’ve been thinking maybe my posts aren’t that boring because some of the feedback I’ve gotten back from people who read it in front of me said it’s not that bad. They might be lying… but who knows. In this post, I’ll be breaking down each question and also be comparing them to my predictions (if you want to know the reasoning behind my predictions  and how I conducted this experiment click here) and I’ll also be revealing the results of staff and students results separately in graphs and I’ll be giving my opinion on what going on around here at RCTC AND… I just wanted to say “and” again and that it’s it. AND…NEXT.

Would You Rather… Have no friends and not have to go through any losses or have many friends and have to endure many losses?


W3Q1R1.PNG    W3Q1R2

              I’m really not sure how my prediction was wrong for this question because when I went up to people to ask them to fill out a survey for me, about 90 percent of the people I asked were sitting with friends. I guess 32% of the students I asked are not so bright after all and they were also sitting next to random strangers. The staff on the other hand… they know what they’re doing, and I mean they are older than the students and they have more experiences I’m guessing. So if someone asked me if I had to choose a staff member or a student to answer this question for me I would go with the staff member. Otherwise, my prediction was off, unfortunately.

Would You Rather…Have one very very very very veryyyy Best Friend or Have Five Normal Good Friends?


W3Q2R1    W3Q2R2.PNG

                For this question, I sort of rolled the dice on my prediction I didn’t have any good reasoning behind my prediction because everyone has different opinions and I really couldn’t base my prediction off anything. For me, it was like asking people “do you like the color red or blue?”. Another thing that stood out to me was the fact that the result was exactly split in half of the 20 staff members that I asked. Otherwise, you guys can make your own assumptions, comment down below if you really want to share yours.

Would you Slap your Best Friend (or sibling if you don’t have friends) for $10,000?


W3Q3R1    W3Q3R2

           This was the closest to correct prediction I have ever made. I was only one percent off, I guess many people caught the fact that I didn’t say how hard you could hit them. I would also answer yes to the act of slapping a friends face, I would actually do it for 20 bucks. That might be just me but I want to get that MUNEY.

That was it guys, thanks for making it to the end of my post and for next week be expecting for me to pick out all my favorite answers from all the three weeks of doing this blog. That being said, thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

♠ RCTC on Friends and Besties ♠

               What up kids, and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m coming at you with this week’s survey or question (whatever you want to call it). I’ll also briefly talk about how I’ll conduct the experiment and about my predictions of the outcome/results with the reasoning behind my predictions. You also know I like making my graphs so be expecting those too. If you want to see the blog that inspired this week’s questions just click here. Otherwise, we’ll get into it by each paragraph being each question. I hope that sentence made sense… and if it didn’t, you’ll know what I mean… soon.

How Ill Conduct the Experiment

                The way I will conduct this experiment is umm… the same as the last one basically. I’ll print off 100 surveys, 20 will be for staff and the other 80 will be for students. I will bring candy again for the kiddos that answer the three question survey. After I gather all the data I will make them into pie graphs (overall, students and staff)and then I’ll go to the bathroom and then I’ll wash my hands. You can’t forget to wash your hands… anyway then I’ll make my next post with the results and all the other goodies. NEXT.


Would You Rather… Have no friends and not have to go through any losses or have many friends and have to endure many losses?


                  The answer to this question is obvious, I would answer have many friends and suffer through many losses. Personally, I don’t like sad moments but I appreciate them because it is a reminder that it is a part of a wonderful gift that God gave us. That was cheesy but it is true but that’s also the reason I don’t want to kill myself or commit suicide. Anyway, I still guessed that five idiots will still answer no because we can’t forget that they exist. NEXT.

Would You Rather…Have one very very very very veryyyy Best Friend or Have Five Normal Good Friends?


            For this question, I would answer that I would rather have five normal friends. The reason being is that then after I have five friends I would make one of them my best friends. I still predicted that 30 percent would say they want a best best friend because everyone has different events and situations with their friendships. I’m also not able to talk on the topic too much because I don’t have best friends.

Would you Slap your Best Friend or sibling for $10,000?

W3Q3P           I think most people will catch the fact that I didn’t say how hard you were supposed to hit their friend. That is why for this question I’m going with 85 percent of people will slap them. Also, for this question, I put an option to write why they would or would not slap them. I really want to see what they write down I feel like most of them are going to be kind of funny. The other 15 percent I can’t forget about them because they’re either really nice or softies but yeah you get the point.

That all kiddos, read my upcoming post for the results, leave a comment if you want to say your prediction or opinion if not that’s all I got for you guys. That being… Thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

♠”10 Tips to Make New Friends” by Celestine Chua… My Thoughts and Tingies I Learned♠

              It is really difficult for me to find a blog that pertains to my genre of my blog. Yet, it is alright because I can usually transform any topic into mine. Fun fact, this was the blog that inspired this week’s questions that you’ll learn in my next post. The reason I searched this blog up was because I don’t have any friends and I just need some help. Thanks to my fellow blogger over here, Celestine took the time to whip up this blog for her viewers and losers like me. She made a list/process on how to make friends. So let us hop right into it… for the 298,485th time.

Oh and click here to see the blog that I read.

              Chua started off with informing us about the types of friend relationships we got in our lives. There are your acquaintances, normal friends, and besties. Reading through that I realized that I only have acquaintances with only a few normal friends, less than 5 for sure…actually less than 3. That doesn’t matter though. What does matter, is that she gives us the first tip/step to achieving a good friendship.

                The first tip/step is “Realize the fear is in your head”(Chua). I don’t really connect with this step because I do know how to talk to people, I mean I’m not shy but I’m terrible at the next step.

          “Start small with people you know”(Chua). In this step, she emphasized on reaching out to people that I already know. On top of that, she wants me to socialize and carry conversations. Carrying useless conversations is hard for me because all I think is too much useless information.

       The next step was to “Get yourself out there”(Chua). In my opinion, I do do that, especially with all the survey-data-gathering that I’ve been doing. I do meet a lot of people but I always seem to forget everyone’s names.

          The next step is easy to understand which is to “Take the first step” and I usually don’t do that because I don’t want to seem needy but I guess that has to change about me.

             After that, she claims it is also good to be open-minded and this is true probably because I am quick to critic someone rather than to compliment. This is probably the most important that I’m supposed to learn. And I will… someday.

              “Get to know the person” (Chua) is the next step. I think I can do this because I can usually think of good questions to see what kind of person someone is.

                After that, I am supposed to “connect with genuinity” which is difficult for me because I can be extremely sarcastic.

              “Be yourself” is the next step which I’m a master at so NEXT. If you saw one of the last week’s posts you’ll understand our little inside joke.

         The last two tips go hand to hand together, which are “Be there for them” and “Make the effort to stay in touch” (Chua). These are probably the ones that are going to keep my friendships alive and consistent with liveliness.

That was all I learned and this sounds like a good goal… for next year. LOL. Thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

♣ RCTC on Relationships and Money, Results ♣

         On the second week of my final being on the 18th to the 24th of November, I conducted an experiment relating to the topic of relationships and money. I asked staff and students four questions; who should be the breadwinner in the relationship, who should pay on the first date, how much should one tip the waiter and how much should one spend on a present for their significant other. After going around asking 50 men and 50 women the results are in. In today’s post, we will be going to compare the results to my predictions separately by question. If you don’t know and you want to know how I developed/inspired the creation of my questions, my predictions and the reasoning behind my predictions, click here. If not, the final results are ready for us to hop right into it.

Who should be the Breadwinner in the Relationship?

W2Q1P   W2Q1RO

W2Q1RM    W2Q1RW

             I’d say its safe to say that my predictions were pretty close with the leading answer being “Both.” The second place result was “The one with the Better Job” which I found to be a bit weird, although I put it as my third place prediction, I think it would be unfair if the one with the better job and the one who is making less would pay nothing at all. Imagine you make 1000 a week and your partner makes 500, then you have to pay 600 dollars for bills and other payments and your partner doesn’t have to pay a dime. That ain’t it chief.

Who Should Pay on the First Date?

W2Q2P    W2Q2RO


            I guess the feminazis haven’t ruined gender roles completely. I just want to talk about two things I found weird, otherwise, you can just read the graphs, leave your assumptions in the comments below and let me tell you the fishy things that happening in RCTC. One of the things I found kind of weird that one-third of men said that the bill should be split in half. That is incorrect in my opinion, I don’t know who raised those kids but they need to do a better job. Every man should know that he (the man) should be paying on the first date. Even if she asked you on the sate you had the option to say no. Another thing that I found weird was that despite there being many crazy feminists nowadays two-thirds of women said that the man should pay. (Also, I’m not saying that all the women took the survey are feminists.) That was it for this question and to transitions smoothly into the next question I just want to say, NEXT.

How Much Should One Tip the Waiter?

W2Q3P    W2Q3RO

W2Q3RM    W2Q3RW

            6% of the people I surveyed said other which meant either they said they tipped 15% or not at all. Otherwise, it is good to know we have good tippers here at RCTC. Whether they are telling the truth… IDK… can’t tell you that but what I can tell you for a fact is that… ummm… the bible is the most stolen book in the world. A teacher asked us this in high school for a trivia question and she said that was the answer so… NEXT.

How Much Should One Spend on a Present for their Significant Other?

W2Q4P    W2Q4RO

W2Q4RM    W2Q4RW

                 For this question I think my predictions were pretty close, the only thing was that people were actually honest and said $50. But this might have to do with women because they were the ones saying 50 bucks more and the men were saying greater than 75 bucks. Maybe women are just more honest… who know leave your comment below kids. Also,  I mean I would say greater than 75 bucks but if I got to be realistic… I would have to say 50. You know me guys, I don’t have that kind of money.

               To conclude and close the puppy up is that I think men and women’s answers were very similar except for the ‘how much should one tip the waiter question.’ I have to admit this experiment was fun, the one last week one was too but yea… that’s it kids.

Thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

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