♠ RCTC on Friends and Besties ♠

               What up kids, and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m coming at you with this week’s survey or question (whatever you want to call it). I’ll also briefly talk about how I’ll conduct the experiment and about my predictions of the outcome/results with the reasoning behind my predictions. You also know I like making my graphs so be expecting those too. If you want to see the blog that inspired this week’s questions just click here. Otherwise, we’ll get into it by each paragraph being each question. I hope that sentence made sense… and if it didn’t, you’ll know what I mean… soon.

How Ill Conduct the Experiment

                The way I will conduct this experiment is umm… the same as the last one basically. I’ll print off 100 surveys, 20 will be for staff and the other 80 will be for students. I will bring candy again for the kiddos that answer the three question survey. After I gather all the data I will make them into pie graphs (overall, students and staff)and then I’ll go to the bathroom and then I’ll wash my hands. You can’t forget to wash your hands… anyway then I’ll make my next post with the results and all the other goodies. NEXT.


Would You Rather… Have no friends and not have to go through any losses or have many friends and have to endure many losses?


                  The answer to this question is obvious, I would answer have many friends and suffer through many losses. Personally, I don’t like sad moments but I appreciate them because it is a reminder that it is a part of a wonderful gift that God gave us. That was cheesy but it is true but that’s also the reason I don’t want to kill myself or commit suicide. Anyway, I still guessed that five idiots will still answer no because we can’t forget that they exist. NEXT.

Would You Rather…Have one very very very very veryyyy Best Friend or Have Five Normal Good Friends?


            For this question, I would answer that I would rather have five normal friends. The reason being is that then after I have five friends I would make one of them my best friends. I still predicted that 30 percent would say they want a best best friend because everyone has different events and situations with their friendships. I’m also not able to talk on the topic too much because I don’t have best friends.

Would you Slap your Best Friend or sibling for $10,000?

W3Q3P           I think most people will catch the fact that I didn’t say how hard you were supposed to hit their friend. That is why for this question I’m going with 85 percent of people will slap them. Also, for this question, I put an option to write why they would or would not slap them. I really want to see what they write down I feel like most of them are going to be kind of funny. The other 15 percent I can’t forget about them because they’re either really nice or softies but yeah you get the point.

That all kiddos, read my upcoming post for the results, leave a comment if you want to say your prediction or opinion if not that’s all I got for you guys. That being… Thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

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