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What up guys and welcome back to my blog…

for this blog post I’ll quickly talk about how I developed my survey question idea, what the survey questions are, how I’ll conduct the experiment and my predictions, and the reasoning behind them. You know the drill if you are not entertained the way I type my posts… leave. This is my blog, not yours. So let us hop right into it… again.

How I developed my Survey of the Week

             Long story short I just got paid and was thinking that I owed someone $250 and I started to think about bills. I was scrolling through my blog feed and came across Michaels blog and was skimming through one of his posts called “My Feelings on the give-and-take Relationship” (if you want to visit his site, click here. And somehow my mind combined the two things that I was thinking of and bam! That’s how I came up with these questions. Actually, I’ll insert a pic of the survey, here ya go.

Week 2

How I will Conduct the Experiment

           Basically, I am going to do the same thing as last week. Where I am going to gather 100 pieces of data, but instead of aiming for 20 staff members and 80 students I will separate the data differently this week, 50 males and 50 females. This is also how Ill separate the results by those categories and then I’ll put it all together. For my predictions, I will only predict the overall… because I can.


            What I think the way it should be is that both parties are the breadwinner. For the second question, the one who asked should pay. The third question should be that it depends on the service. Finally, for the last question, the most common answer should be $75. That’s what I think the most common answers should be. But, if I have to give you realistic predictions then that is a bit of a different story.

I made a Prediction Pie Graph for each question of the Survey… You’re Welcome

W2Q1P      W2Q2P

W2Q3P     W2Q4P

          For questions #1 being ‘who should be the breadwinner in the relationship,’ I am estimating that the most common answer should both because if the male and the female in the relationship have a job both should be cooperating in paying the payments according to how much they make.

         The next question (#2) which is ‘who should pay on the first date’ I would say the most common answer should be the one who asked and the man. I estimate that these two will be the most common answers because it would be weird if the woman paid and it would be impolite if a man made the woman pay.

         Question #3, ‘how much should one tip the waiter’ I am predicting the most common answer will be that it depends on the service. I think it is common knowledge to tip 10% but then on top of that it also strongly depends on the service.

          For the final question which is ‘how much should one spend on a present for their significant other’, I think the most common answer would be over $75. If they were answering the question realistically… lol… that would be a different answer.

Yea so that’s it for this post kiddos, thanks for wasting your time here. Thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

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