My Final Post…

My Flow of Thoughts On What I Learned

               Although I didn’t have many viewers or followers I still enjoyed my experience by doing this final and I also enjoyed being in English 1117, and 0960. In this post, I’ll be talking about my experiences and things I enjoyed and learned in English 0960 and 1117. I also might add random things that might just pop up in my head while typing this. So, let’s get into it.


               While doing this final I got to know many people… well I know their faces and they know my name. I usually forget the people’s names that I meet because I gave out about 300 surveys over this final. I also learned I can actually reach word counts when I want to talk about something that I like or I’m interested in. It came somewhat easy creating questions for the week and I also got used to approaching random people and meeting them. I also liked using my own tone in these posts to make it seem more like me I guess instead of following exact formats and patterns and fonts and other things that don’t really strike me as interesting. So, I’m thankful for completing this final.

English 0960 and 1117

               For the first day of English I was a bit nervous, to be honest, not because of the other students it was mostly because of all the college stories I have heard about being in class are and how fast-paced class would be, but then meeting Bonnie or Mrs. Robinson I prefer ( I feel worse when I say a teacher’s first name instead of using their last name with the word Mrs in front of it) made me feel a bit better (also because she is Mr. Robinsons wife). Her class was not easy for me, but I didn’t expect it to be anyway because it is a college class after all. Yet, she helped us when we wanted to be helped and made all her lessons clear and understandable in any topic she taught.

               She taught us about citing sources, MLA format taking notes and making summaries but most importantly for me was that she taught me to be more responsible and dependent on my assignments. At the beginning of the semester, I would always make myself believe that I needed help or that I needed to work with somebody else to complete my assignments. With all the work that she would assign, I learned and actually made me believe I could do better all by myself. I also thought at the beginning of the semester that I completely sucked at English and reading but I also grew to know that I was not actually that bad. I’m gonna leave it at that… I’m not that bad… I mean I can still improve but I improved a lot and I mean a LOT. So, I’m grateful for being in Mrs.Robinson’s classes.

               That was it for this post and whoever finds my blog thanks for reading it. Thanks, yeet, cya, bye… psych (it ain’t my last post.).

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