Mary Joy’s Blog… My Informative Thoughts

               What up guys and welcome back to my last week of posts. On today’s post, we will be talking about a blog that I have to review. First I’ll give a descriptive paragraph on her blog then I’ll read one of the put my thoughts (not opinion) on one of the posts that I read. Anyway, click here to go to her blog and click over here to see the one I read. Also, sorry that this week you guys don’t get an experiment or a survey, but… there is not “but” and sorry not sorry.

               I’m reviewing a blog from a student that is in a different class. Her name is Mary Joy I’m assuming and if it’s not… that would be weird. She has a religious genre I would say for her blog. Most of her posts cite to the bible and while she interprets them for us so she can explain a moral lesson that we could learn or that she has learned from self-experiences. For her format and fonts she uses a pretty standard one, with her most recent posts at the top and as you scroll down you’ll find older blog posts. She uses a pretty standard default-ish theme. She has no pictures besides the one in some of her posts (which is pretty dry if you ask me (but that don’t matter)). That’s pretty much it, from what I saw.

                I read her Thanksgiving post I’m pretty sure. In this post, she talked about how she’s thankful for her parent, friends, relatives, and life. At the same time, she cited to the bible to make some connections. I thought she was well spoken (or typed) and I’ve heard that Bible verse she cited to (Proverbs 22:6)  in her first paragraph on who she is thankful for, her mom. I would also agree that my mom is my biggest supporter. The next group that she is thankful for are her friends. I read the paragraph for that one and…



but that’s also probably the reason I don’t have friends. I guess my neighbors are my friends so I think that counts. So I’m thankful for my neighbors. She says in her next paragraph that she is thankful for her relatives but she doesn’t know them too well because they live around the globe which is pretty cool. I don’t really talk to my relatives for a reason… but that a whole other post. The next group that she is thankful for is life, and I totally agree with her in this one. I think the best gift I’m thankful for is being alive and that I can live to see another day so I could work towards my goals and also seeing my classmates, teachers, family, and just strangers (just kidding for the strangers part (stranger danger)). I guess this also counts as my Thanksgiving post because I didn’t post one. So yea… NEXT.

Thank You for reading and wasting your time on this post and that’s all I got for you. So… thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

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