♠”10 Tips to Make New Friends” by Celestine Chua… My Thoughts and Tingies I Learned♠

              It is really difficult for me to find a blog that pertains to my genre of my blog. Yet, it is alright because I can usually transform any topic into mine. Fun fact, this was the blog that inspired this week’s questions that you’ll learn in my next post. The reason I searched this blog up was because I don’t have any friends and I just need some help. Thanks to my fellow blogger over here, Celestine took the time to whip up this blog for her viewers and losers like me. She made a list/process on how to make friends. So let us hop right into it… for the 298,485th time.

Oh and click here to see the blog that I read.

              Chua started off with informing us about the types of friend relationships we got in our lives. There are your acquaintances, normal friends, and besties. Reading through that I realized that I only have acquaintances with only a few normal friends, less than 5 for sure…actually less than 3. That doesn’t matter though. What does matter, is that she gives us the first tip/step to achieving a good friendship.

                The first tip/step is “Realize the fear is in your head”(Chua). I don’t really connect with this step because I do know how to talk to people, I mean I’m not shy but I’m terrible at the next step.

          “Start small with people you know”(Chua). In this step, she emphasized on reaching out to people that I already know. On top of that, she wants me to socialize and carry conversations. Carrying useless conversations is hard for me because all I think is too much useless information.

       The next step was to “Get yourself out there”(Chua). In my opinion, I do do that, especially with all the survey-data-gathering that I’ve been doing. I do meet a lot of people but I always seem to forget everyone’s names.

          The next step is easy to understand which is to “Take the first step” and I usually don’t do that because I don’t want to seem needy but I guess that has to change about me.

             After that, she claims it is also good to be open-minded and this is true probably because I am quick to critic someone rather than to compliment. This is probably the most important that I’m supposed to learn. And I will… someday.

              “Get to know the person” (Chua) is the next step. I think I can do this because I can usually think of good questions to see what kind of person someone is.

                After that, I am supposed to “connect with genuinity” which is difficult for me because I can be extremely sarcastic.

              “Be yourself” is the next step which I’m a master at so NEXT. If you saw one of the last week’s posts you’ll understand our little inside joke.

         The last two tips go hand to hand together, which are “Be there for them” and “Make the effort to stay in touch” (Chua). These are probably the ones that are going to keep my friendships alive and consistent with liveliness.

That was all I learned and this sounds like a good goal… for next year. LOL. Thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

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