Juan’s Blog… My Informative Thoughts

               Welcome back to my second post of today… and I’ll be doing the same as last post. A Blog Tour. On this post, I will be going over his blog and what I think it is about without trying to put my criticalness and opinion. After I will read one of his posts and I’ll just try to relate it to myself and say my own or experiences (depending what it’s on). So click here to go to his blog and click over here to see the post that I read and that I will briefly talk about. That being… let’s get right into it.

                My buddy boy here, Juan, seems to have a lifestyle blog more closely related to fitness and weight training. He also seems to be using a simple template theme for his cite, with his most recent post being towards the top and the older one towards the bottom. There also isn’t much color on his blog and he also uses the standards fonts. He also doesn’t really seem to use any pictures. For his posts, he mostly has an average of 350 words and seems to post 2-3 posts a week. That’s mostly what I found… NEXT.

                 I read the “Do you need Supplements to Workout?” post. I just want to say something… I think that it’s quite the coincidence that I had to tour a blog that is about fitness and one with a religious genre. I thought it was weird because like a month ago I started going to this bible group and also I started to work out like 15 days ago. So, I guess it’s good for me to tour these blogs because I have a lot to learn. Anyway, in this post, he reads another dude’s blog and he just says what he learned and what he concurs with and he voices (or types) his own opinions. The point or main ideas he goes over are; “should I take pre-workouts?”(Juan), “Do I need protein supplement?”(Juan) and that’s pretty much it.

               When he talks about whether needing pre-workouts he just states that “If you are under 18 years old, I strongly believe you SHOULD NOT drink pre-workout” and I personally don’t use it (but who knows in the future I might) but he just says we should do a bit of research if it is the right thing for us (being me).

               The second main thing he talks about needing a protein suppplement. I know that I need it because I weigh like a feather (but that doesn’t matter right now. LOL.) and he says (for me) it would be a good thing for me to use but I have to use the correct one. I use protein powder. But I guess after reading this post I am going to have to make sure that I am using the correct one so that I can have the results that I want because he says “If wanting to gain weight than a mass gainer is your best option” (Juan) and my point is… I’ll have to look into it.

Well, that’s it for this post guys and thank you again for wasting your time and making it to the end of this post. That all I got for you guys so… Thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

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