♥ RCTC on Vision vs Hearing Results… and more ♥

I could have Totally Done this Earlier

RESULTS and How I did the Experiment

               At first, I was going to get 100 people to do the survey but I just did 50, all students. I counted up the surveys and made the calculations and my predictions were mostly wrong for the first part. Let us get into it anyway, here are the questions again.

1. Would you rather watch your favorite shows with only subtitles (no audio and no music) or listen to music (no shows)?

2. Would you rather need to use glasses or need to use hearing aids?

3. Would you rather lose your Sense of Vision or lose your Sense of Hearing?

            For the first question, 84% of students said that they said they would prefer watching heir favorite shows with no audio over music. I honestly was shook. I thought people appreciated music more than I thought, but I guess not. I think there must be some really good shows on Netflix right now because otherwise, these kiddos are crazy.

                  Second Question – This one was no surprise. Everyone said they would rather use glasses than hearing aids, I explained and predicted why in my last post why these were going to be the results and I was right, so click here to read my last post.

                     72% of people said they would rather lose their ability to hear than their ability to see, for the last question. I would ask them why they answered this and all they would mostly say is “because then I can’t see.” All I could do is shake my head inside my mind. lol.

Why I Procrastinate

               I don’t really know why… I can’t help it. I always say there is time, and there usually is but then I keep setting it off. I think I’m getting rid of that habit on New Year, or I’ll start it as soon as I can which is probably a good idea.

It’s 12:03 A.M.

                     I mean I was doing a lot of things and I was busy today but I think I don’t really manage my time wisely on weekends because I don’t make schedules for them. But, throughout the week I make a schedule for every day and It helps. I started doing that like 3 weeks ago and I also started working out too. I have also gained respect for bodybuilders.


                     This final was fun and made me really use my own ideas. I hope other teachers use this method of teaching also because it does keep ost students interested. That’s all bros… Thanks, yeet, cya and… BYE

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