♥ Last week of Final Posts / Weekly Survey ♥

More Posts???

            Honestly, I thought I didn’t have to post anymore. Everyone was talking about how we didn’t have to post anymore on our blogs. “Yeah, we don’t have to post anymore, just check your email,” said Olivia (who has an A in the class). Also, Deli (who also has an A in the class) was telling me also that I didn’t have to post. Until I asked and realized she (Bonnie) emailed the people that had secured the A in the class… I have a B. A low B. so obviously I have to post three posts for this week. You guys know the genre of my blog is reporting and I honestly didn’t want to go around asking people to fill out a survey for me when I told them the week before tour blog week that it was my last week of surveying people. Also, I thought it would make sense to have the last week to be the tour blogs but I guess not. I know I have so many grammar mistakes but oh well I only have two hours left and counting. Anyway, for my ACTUAL last week of posts, I’m going to do what I want and post anything that pops into my head.

Survey of the Week – Development of the Question

                 This weeks question was inspired of me thinking how much I appreciate my sense of hearing. I appreciate all my senses, extremely, but the ability to hear is amazing. I get to listen and enjoy music, I get to hear others people ideas and opinions, I get to hear people’s tone to understand they’re point-of-view giving me the ability to create my judgment of them, I get to understand if I’m playing things on my instruments correctly or incorrectly, and so much more. I was reading that we use our sense of vision the most, I think it makes sense and I would also agree. Let me quote these kiddos, alright so I got this from the website Zeiss (click here to see the website) it reads “Humans have five senses: the eyes to see, the tongue to taste, the nose to smell, the ears to hear, and the skin to touch. By far the most important organs of sense are our eyes. We perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our sight. And if other senses such as taste or smell stop working, it’s the eyes that best protect us from danger.” I know that I’m not supposed to be using that big of a quote but… I don’t care. I gave you my source so be happy. I also think that I create most of my judgment from what I see (which is a safe thing to do (when I do it, not you that’s reading this) because I’d say that I’m really good at reading people because I’m usually correct) and it makes me understand how I’m supposed to react or act or respond. So yea… I’ll tell you the questions I formulated in the next post.

the time now is 10:23 of the 12th of December. wordpress is going to post it as if I posted it tomorrow, I don’t know why but I’m thinking because it’s already the next day in other places of the world. See you in my next post in a few Minutes.

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