♠ RCTC on Friends and Besties, Results ♠

Last Week of Doing Experiments was this week…

you read that right, sorry I didn’t tell you guys in advance. There aren’t many of your guys so sorry, not sorry, ya yeetAnyways, let’s get down to this post and see what’s up.


Welcome Back Kiddos…

and strap yourself in for one of my other boring posts. I’ve been thinking maybe my posts aren’t that boring because some of the feedback I’ve gotten back from people who read it in front of me said it’s not that bad. They might be lying… but who knows. In this post, I’ll be breaking down each question and also be comparing them to my predictions (if you want to know the reasoning behind my predictions  and how I conducted this experiment click here) and I’ll also be revealing the results of staff and students results separately in graphs and I’ll be giving my opinion on what going on around here at RCTC AND… I just wanted to say “and” again and that it’s it. AND…NEXT.

Would You Rather… Have no friends and not have to go through any losses or have many friends and have to endure many losses?


W3Q1R1.PNG    W3Q1R2

              I’m really not sure how my prediction was wrong for this question because when I went up to people to ask them to fill out a survey for me, about 90 percent of the people I asked were sitting with friends. I guess 32% of the students I asked are not so bright after all and they were also sitting next to random strangers. The staff on the other hand… they know what they’re doing, and I mean they are older than the students and they have more experiences I’m guessing. So if someone asked me if I had to choose a staff member or a student to answer this question for me I would go with the staff member. Otherwise, my prediction was off, unfortunately.

Would You Rather…Have one very very very very veryyyy Best Friend or Have Five Normal Good Friends?


W3Q2R1    W3Q2R2.PNG

                For this question, I sort of rolled the dice on my prediction I didn’t have any good reasoning behind my prediction because everyone has different opinions and I really couldn’t base my prediction off anything. For me, it was like asking people “do you like the color red or blue?”. Another thing that stood out to me was the fact that the result was exactly split in half of the 20 staff members that I asked. Otherwise, you guys can make your own assumptions, comment down below if you really want to share yours.

Would you Slap your Best Friend (or sibling if you don’t have friends) for $10,000?


W3Q3R1    W3Q3R2

           This was the closest to correct prediction I have ever made. I was only one percent off, I guess many people caught the fact that I didn’t say how hard you could hit them. I would also answer yes to the act of slapping a friends face, I would actually do it for 20 bucks. That might be just me but I want to get that MUNEY.

That was it guys, thanks for making it to the end of my post and for next week be expecting for me to pick out all my favorite answers from all the three weeks of doing this blog. That being said, thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

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