♣”‘How to Start a Professional Blog: 10 tips for new bloggers’ By Andrew Chen” My Thoughts♣

Welcome Back for Week 2 Posts of My Final

          This post consists of what I learned from the blog I read and what strategies I will take out of the blog. Yes, that is my intro to this blog post, if you don’t like it, bye. I don’t blame you either but still, I have a good reason for why it is not amazing and that is *insert good reason here*. If you want to know what blog I read click here, otherwise you understand 66.6666666666% of this post. Maybe that percentage is a bit over because if you haven’t clicked on the link yet that means you’ve made it this far already. Well, let us hop into it and please try to enjoy.

What I learned from the Article

          A brief summary of what I learned is the first numbered list in his post. But that is not really telling you anything so I will provide a brief example or point for each number on the list (duh). Starting off number one, “Carpet bomb a key area and stake out mindshare”, for this he is talking about how I (a blogger) should find a topic and stick to it. Number two is “Take time to find your voice.” What Chen is talking about here is that the topic of my blog (when it begins) it will be going over all the place topic wise. “Stay consistent on your blog format and topic” that is pretty self-explanatory but I think I’ve been [retty consistent with that being that I only talk about other blogs, self-experiences and the question of the week. “Just show up,” something that I haven’t done well in. Meaning that I have to be consistent and relevant to my topic but next week I got you guys (sorry that all my posts are going to be all crammed into this one day). “Go deep on your topic of expertise” this is kind of my topic of “expertise” because it is a bit math related but entertaining at the same time and I can’t go ” too far” with this topic of journalism of blogging and reporting. “Meatspace and the blogosphere are tightly connected” meaning that people who read my blog will be people I mostly met or I know, which is true I guess because mostly classmates read my blog. The next tip he gives is “Embrace the universal reader acquisition strategies for blogs”  meaning that I should put keywords on my blog so when someone Google searches for a blog my own blog pops up. “Come up with new topics with brainstorms, news headlines, and notes-to-self” meaning that I should of ideas and everything in advance. “Look at your analytics every day” meaning that I should see the type of viewers that I already have and expand on that information to produce ideas from that. The last tip and also my favorite is “Don’t overdo it” for this one I recommend reading his own last paragraph.

Strategies I will Use that I learned

        This is my last paragraph so enjoy it or not. The main tips that I will be implementing to my own life is a blogger is thinking of ideas and topics in advance an also being consistent. That all kid so thanks, yeet, cya, bye.

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