Reflection on “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” by Kyle D. Stedman

          I honestly thought I was citing the quotes that I would use incorrectly. The two days before we got this reading I was thinking of asking Bonnie if I would do my citations correctly. Then we got the reading, it read “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” by Kyle D. Stedman. I thought to myself, ok, I’m not the only one messing up on using our sources, it’s most of us are using our sources incorrectly because the reading we were supposed to get was “Ten Ways to Think About Writing”. When I read this to myself I pretended that Bonnie was reading it aloud to me. And Bonnie was triggered, but obviously, it was in a humorous manner. This reading was extremely understandable and informative at the same time. I also believe that this is a great reading we got to read before truly diving into out finals.

           There were many things that I did sloppily when I would use sources. In Stedman’s language, the things that I would do incorrectly was the Armadillo Roadkill, the Dating Spider-man, the Am I in the Right Movie and the infamous and my personal favorite (the one I used the most) Uncle Barry and his Encyclopedia of Useless Information. When reading this I could hear the little people in my head face-palming one after another.

          Being that My final is going to be a reporting blog I’m going to have to cite many different quotes and responses. I feel way better about upcoming challenges after reading the last two readings. I also look forward to implementing these strategies in my own works.

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